PXDK Technology

PXDK is a GUI cross-platform development kit, designed specifically for audio plug-ins. It is the perfect tool for making stable, professional plug-ins for multiple targets, without sacrificing any advanced features.

PXDK is an object-oriented system, using C++. Yes, this means you can produce Cocoa plug-ins on 64-bit OSX, without even reading 1 single line of Obj-C. This is the power of PXDK. Instead of using your energy on ever-changing APIs, you can focus on the value which the end-user can appreciate: The content.

PXDK is available for VST 2.4, VST 3, AU, RTAS and TDM, Windows and OSX, 32- and 64-bit, Carbon and Cocoa. And for every single one of those platforms, your code is the same (although, for TDM you would obviously need to write extra DSP code).

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